How many Unitarians and how many Universalists were there before the merger?

From the pre-merger directories, it's clear that the Unitarians and the Universalists did statistics differently. Here is a set of numbers that might be more evenly compared. This is from a report of the Joint Merger Commission dated Apr. 22, 1960, sent “To all churches, fellowships." It lists all the congregations eligible to vote (in other words, no “ghost” or dormant ones) and the legal membership of each unit (as determined by the UCA & AUA). It records their vote on the Final Plebiscite in Consolidation. There are no statistics for a few of the units. It looks like the way they counted the membership of some of the federated units (e.g., Nashua, Portsmouth, Brattleboro) was to put the same number in both the Universalist and the Unitarian sections, so those numbers are doubled (e.g., Portsmouth has 241 in the Universalist “yes” section and 241 in the Unitarian “yes” section; in the 1961-62 UUA directory, they have 253 members). So they’re not perfect statistics, but at least they are numbers agreed upon by both the AUA & UCA. I’ve included the yes, no, and not voting numbers as well.

  Yes Vote Membership No Vote Membership Not Participating Membership Total Units Total Membership
Unitarian Churches 327 96,120 37 10,344 18 3,275 382 109,739
Unitarian Fellowships 228 8,701 17 647 24 482 269 9,830
Total Unitarian 555 104,821 54 10,991 42 3,757 651 119,569
Universalist Units 183 28,922 49 6,533 12 1,409 244 36,864
Total U & U 738 133,743 103 17,524 54 5,166 895 156,433

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