Does the library have any sermons on censorship?

Here are some suggestions:

Clarke, Robert C. The Censorship Debate: Sermon. Arlington, Va.: Unitarian Church, 1972. [Mflm. Unit. 701 Reel 3, no. 112]

Coots, Max. The Censorship Controversy: A Sermon. Cortland, N.Y.: First Universalist Church. [Mflm. Unit. 700 Reel 28, no. 23]

Davis, George G. Discipleship to Advancing Truth: A Sermon Delivered on Laymen's Sunday, May 16, 1948 at the First Parish in Needham. Needham, Mass.: First Parish, 1948. [Mflm. Unit. 700 Reel 33, no. 156]

Dietrich, John H. The Vexing Problem of Censorship. Minneapolis, Minn.: First Unitarian Society, 1929. [Mflm. Unit. 700 Reel 36, no. 16]

Dodson, George Rowland. The Moral Censorship of Art. St. Louis, Mo.: Church of the Unity. [Mflm. Unit. 700 Reel 36, no. 71]

Fritchman, Stephen H.  The New Grand Inquistor: A Sermon on Censorship. Los Angeles, Calif.: First Unitarian Church, 1966. [Mflm. Unit. 700 Reel 51, no. 21]

Phillips, Charles W. Censorship in Omaha. Omaha, Neb.: First Unitarian Church, 1957. [Mflm. Unit. 700 Reel 111, no. 78]

Also see (only be appointment) in the manuscript collection Papers of Robert Edward Green 1961-2002,   bMS 696/1 (34) Censorship, 1965-1977.

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