I'm in the final stages of writing my dissertation and spending a lot of time editing my bibliography. Would Zotero save me time?

Citation tools, like Zotero, offer a convenient way to collect, store, and manage citations, research notes, and documents.  They work with your word processor to manage in-text citations and to build bibliographies in nearly any format.  Everything you collect - notes, quotations, file attachments - becomes part of a searchable database which you can reach into whenever you want to add a citation to your paper or create a bibliography for it.

Using Zotero can save you hours of time, especially when used during the research process.  When searching HOLLIS or another citation database, you can send data to Zotero and avoid lots of data entry. 

If your research is done, and your bibliography is already in a draft form, retrospectively exporting data to Zotero might cost more time than continuing to edit your manuscript. 

A citation manager might be a good investment if you plan to publish your research in a journal or monograph.   

Please see Citation and Management Tools at Harvard for more information.

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