My hunch is that as Somerville MA saw an influx of Catholic immigrants, all of the mainline churches went into decline,

I recommend that you check out the New Historical Atlas of Religion in America (Print Only) for general history and statistics on religious change in America.  The section on “Denominational Predominance in U.S. History”, starting on p357, gives quick background information on how the American religious landscape has changed since the colonial period and the chapters specific mainline Protestant denominations include maps and charts on membership trends.  

For statistics on immigration to Somerville, I recommend using Social Explorer (Harvard Login).  This tool presents historical census data for the United States through the use of interactive maps and reports. Currently provides access to data from 1940 to 2000 at census tract, county, state and national level.   This tool can be used to find the percentage of foreign-born residents in Somerville and their countries of origin. 

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