I tried to access an article online, but the website wouldn’t give me the article without paying a fee!

When you find restricted articles on the web, and want to know if the Harvard Libraries subscribe so you can get free online access, use  LibX (Harvard University Edition)

LibX is a browser toolbar add-on that allows you to quickly search the HOLLIS Catalogs, E-Journal List, E- Resource List, Citation Linker, and Google Scholar, and links to other search tools and library resources.  The Right-Click menu allows you to select text on a web page and right-click for a menu of search options.  Choose "Reload [this page] via Harvard Access" for access to Harvard's licensed e-resources when you find a restricted article on the Web.

Highlight text on a web page and right-click to get the following menu, and then select "Reload [this page] via Harvard Access.

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